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December, 2011

  1. Getting Ready For A Vegetarian Christmas

    December 2, 2011 by Chrissie

    Trees up, lights are on and most importantly, the sherry’s in your glass, now to decide on your Christmas menu. Whether it’s you or your family members who are vegetarians, a meat free Christmas needn’t be a headache (family quibbles and hangover headaches however are pretty much a given!)

    vegetarian christmas starter

    The main decision for a veggie Christmas is to decide on your turkey substitute. Some of you may be extremely polite and offer to stick a bird in the oven, others may refuse point blank to let it in your home. That’s your call, but we tend to settle somewhere in the middle, the meat eaters can bring a turkey but it must be pre-cooked and the trimmings, especially the gravy, must be animal free.


    christmas vegetarian dinner

    For your main dish, you have quite a lot of choice. Probably the most obvious is a nut roast which is a delicious and simple option. There are lots of great nut roast recipes available. The basic ingredients are bread, bread crumbs, nuts, onions and butter and it takes about 55 minutes to prepare and cook – ah ha, the spending all of Christmas day in the kitchen joke is on you meat eaters!

    Another great option which can be carved like a turkey is a tofu roast. Buy a large hunk of firm tofu, about a pound and glaze with barbeque sauce, mustard, olive oil and honey – delicious. Again it takes about an hour to cook.

    Christmas day trimmings can be the usual and there are lots of great vegetarian stuffing options (watch this space!) that don’t require sausage meat. If people are bringing accompanying dishes, ask that they respect the no meat product rule and don’t cook roasties in meat fat but instead in vegetarian oil.

    christmas vegetables

    If you are serving treats and appetisers either on Christmas or Boxing Day, again you can pick traditional treats but serve veggie style. Vegetarian sausage rolls are always delicious, especially if homemade and roasted vegetable dips with crisps and raw veggies are a nice light snack. Boil up some happy eggs and serve with a garlic mayonnaise – yummy!

    veggie christmas dinner

    Christmas stress should be kept to a minimum, so sticking with food you like and hell, you’ve got great taste, should mean your guests stay happy.