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The Great 2012 Detox

January 22, 2012 by Chrissie

Did you overdo it at Christmas? Don’t say no, because we know you did and even if you didn’t well, you can’t tell us that, we’re still in rich food hangover mode and you’re just going to make us feel guilty!

If you did overdo it, well good for you, Christmas is the time for feasting and celebration, but likelihood is that you are now feeling a little bloated and in need of a post Christmas detox! We know we are!

First things first, NO FAD DIETS. We’re sure the soup diet is really great for people who are actually undergoing heart surgery, but for anyone else, it’s a fad and a miserable prospect, believe us! The best way to feel better after a month of sugar, booze and big dinners is to simplify, reduce and detoxify.

So without starving, how do we best detoxify?

Well green smoothies are a great way to improve health, increase energy, fill up and feel good. You can juice pretty much anything but always always always throw in some raw greens. We love alternating spinach and kale. Check out cancer survivor’s Kris Carr’s site, this woman literally saved her life by eating the right foods and juicing!

Other foods to increase in your diet and that are excellent for detoxifying the body are listed below:
• Fruits – easy to digest, full of antioxidants and body flushing water
• Greens – as already mentioned these MUST be in your diet.
• Lemons – great for digestion and flushing, drink a cup of hot water and lemon every morning before you do anything else!
• Green tea – great antioxidant
• Garlic – keep the vampires at bay and also stimulate your live to detox
• Omega 3 Oils – avocados, hemp, flax seed oil, these goodies will help lubricate the digestive tract and shift stagnant waste
Good luck with the New Year detox, we’re sure it will work out really well!

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  1. “Simplify, reduce and detoxify” is great advice. Will have to retain that for sure. Love the advice for more omega threes and lemon in the diet to help cleanse. I like to have hot water and lemon in place of sugary drinks.

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